Localloop Mission

Our mission is to provide consumers with the Internet experience they want, instead of the Internet experience they have. We believe that Consumer Trafficking and Internet advertising in its current form is creating great distrust in the marketplace and is unnecessarily invading the privacy of consumers.

In order to create a better and safer Internet experience, we took the time to listen to what over 10,000 people really needed and wanted on the Internet. We discovered that people simply want a respectful and honest communication platform that honors individual personalities and social boundaries, educates versus sells, is easily accessible and always secure.

In response to these desires, we created Localloop.

Localloop's Band of Mothers is a community movement powered by women for positive change.

The 4 Pillars of Localloop

Respecting People and Supporting Communities

Our #1 priority is respecting personal information and social boundaries. The Internet is becoming a very scary place. Large Internet giants and now most upstart websites have chosen to commoditize our identities and turn personal privacy into a product that can be packaged and sold. They offer “free” services to entice users, then gather our personal information and sell it behind our backs to the highest bidder.

  • This is how these companies monetize their platforms. We call this practice Consumer Trafficking. We believe this is an unethical form of commerce and a dangerous invasion of personal privacy that needs to stop.

    We will protect, respect and guarantee privacy. We do not gather your personal information. We will never sell your personal information, and we will never track your activity on our site.


Localloop establishes a new standard of trust. There are many other websites that claim to help people separate good companies from the bad in the marketplace. But look closely and you will find that they are simply “pay-to-play.” That is, companies that charge customers money to use their website and provide rankings based on which business pays the most to advertise on the platform.

  • Consumers have figured this out and no longer trust these sites. They want true metrics and analytics they can trust. Localloop delivers these metrics by requiring every Localloop Certified Business on our website to have and maintain between a 4 and 5 STAR Customer Satisfaction Rating based on a minimum of 20 independent 3rd party verified reviews. These reviews provide consumers with the trusted information they seek, and gives companies unfiltered and unbiased information about their performance.


Localloop is advertising free. Consumers are tired of being bombarded by endless self-promotion and they hate being treated as leads instead of opportunities. Internet advertising has become so pervasive that most consumers view it as nothing more than noise, clutter and an annoying distraction. We believe these ads distract and detract from the spirit of mutually beneficial commerce, so we’ve banned it from the Localloop websites.

  • The Localloop business model IS NOT driven by selling annoying online ads and as a result, consumers who choose to use the Localloop platform never again have to look at another online advertisement. The Localloop business model IS driven by helping small business owners become better at running their companies. In other words, Localloop gets paid to help business owners succeed instead of getting paid to annoy consumers by providing them what they do not want.

Community Impact – Paying the privilege of service forward.

When was the last time you saw Yelp or Facebook invest in helping local communities? Have you ever seen them sponsor a Little League team or fundraise for a local cause? When it comes to commerce, do they teach small business owners how to improve their companies so they can grow and create more jobs? We believe the answer to all-of-the-above is “no” and see tremendous opportunity to build a different type of company that engages and supports both local community and local business.

  • We are often asked how Localloop makes money and the answer is simple. Localloop makes money by providing products and services to local business owners; inspiring, teaching and actively coaching them to improve their business. The harsh reality is that the Internet has changed the rules of the game regarding how consumers get information and make buying decisions. We listened to 10,000 people and have invested the time to build the platform, products and services necessary for local business owners to compete and win while creating more vibrant and supported communities.

Our Story

Pursuing a better Internet

We recognized huge problems being created by the internet: people were no longer doing business with people, our privacy was being invaded and monetized, and trust in the marketplace was rapidly eroding. Believing that people deserved a more fulfilling internet experience, we decided to try and figure out how to create it for them.

To get the ball rolling, we conducted over 4,000 telephone interviews in an effort to find out what people really wanted from their Internet experience and, just as important, what they didn’t want. The responses we received were consistent and clear. People simply wanted to be honored, respected and always told the truth. We used these responses to create the 4 pillars outlined above – Guaranteed Privacy, Verified Performance, Advertising Free and Community Investment. Having built the foundation, we then formed a team of like-minded people to help build a communication platform that met the needs of consumers and helped support local communities. The result is Localloop, a better Internet experience that respects people, protects privacy, restores trusted commerce and supports communities.

Our Movement to STOP Consumer Trafficking

At Localloop, we offer a solution to the problem presented by Big Internet Companies and hackers that are stalking your every move online and making a profit from your personal identity. For both, it is their business model. For you, it is an invasion of your personal privacy.

The big search and social platforms require you to give up your personal privacy while losing your personal identity! When you sign up and use free social networks or the most popular Internet web browsers, you are not their customer, you are their product. We believe this is wrong!

  • We are champions for protecting online privacy. We abhor the fact that Big Internet companies and hackers are hijacking your personal identity. To protect your privacy and stop the sale of your identity, our founder has launched the STOP Consumer Trafficking Movement.

    We invite you to protect your privacy and help us develop the private Internet and online social experience you deserve! Join the Stop Consumer Trafficking movement to fight against this pervasive invasion of personal privacy.
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