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Localloop agents help small business owners

Ethical small business owners are the true heroes of our economy, but too many of them are struggling to keep their companies afloat. We want our Localloop Certified Agents to help small businesses owners fight against the forces that are limiting their success.

When big is bad

The forces of big government and big business are making it more difficult to compete and survive as a business owner. Big government strangles small business owners through ever increasing regulation while big business employs unethical practices to take advantage of consumers. And small business owners feel powerless to fight back!

We believe it is time to fight back

Localloop empowers agents to help ethical small business owners engage and build relationship with consumers through trusted commerce and active involvement in their local communities. A relentless dedication to building these trusted relationships is the best weapon against big government and big business.

At the core, we at Localloop think of ourselves as small business commandoes committed to providing agents with an opportunity to learn what we’ve learned. We seek to empower you with the insight, tools and process necessary to help small business owners take back their company and life while becoming a leader in their local community. In turn, Localloop Certified Agents are able to build a very successful small business of their own.

We have invested 12 years conducting research in order to create the solutions and strategies necessary to fight back and succeed. We listened to over 10,000 consumers to find out what they really want from small businesses, and we surveyed over 2,000 small business owners to better understand their big challenges. Gaining access to this insight will help agents achieve significant success!

More about us

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