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Invest in a well-oiled money making machine

Localloop Agency operates like a well-oiled machine. All of the parts are in place, there’s plenty of electricity and the timing is just right to earn high revenue and profit, help small businesses succeed and help your community thrive. All you have to do is turn it on! Below you will find information on some of the components that make the machine hum.

Agent training

Think of the agent training process as an accelerated business success program. To start, we provide training via online learning modules designed to help you assess if you are a good fit for becoming a Localloop Certified Agent while getting you “up-to-speed” on the base level of knowledge required to successfully complete our intensive one-week onsite workshop series. Assuming you are a good fit, this is followed by a week of on-site training where you will learn how to launch a Localloop Certified Agency. By the end of the week you will have all of the inspiration, connections, information and materials necessary to get started.

Get started guide

We will provide a 90 day agency launch system that will guide you through the formation of an agency. Included are proposals, contracts, weekly action plans and tactical checklists to keep you on track for the successful launch of the agency.

Marketing and sales tools

We provide all of the marketing collateral you need to succeed, such as business cards, brochures, flyers and direct mail pieces. We also support your launch with a local marketing campaign to bring small business owners to your marketing event. There’s no need to worry about specific marketing tactics necessary to inform your audience and convert them into clients. We’ve got you covered!

Revenue engine

The Localloop Agency Revenue Engine is designed to deliver great value to small business owners while providing multiple streams of income and multiple ways to serve your clients. Examples of income opportunities include: Localloop Business Certification, Strategic Marketing University, the Master Academy for Small Business Owners, Mastermind Groups and Private Coaching. Coming soon are exciting new systems that will enable you to serve you client’s using tools that will provide numerous passive income opportunities.

Client management

Localloop provides a client relationship management (CRM) software portal so you can keep track of how your clients are being served and effectively communicate with them along the way. This CRM system also regularly provides your clients with opportunities to learn more about how you can continue to help them build a more profitable business.

Consulting tools

We take the guesswork out of how to effectively provide business and marketing consulting services. We provide you with a proven system and process that works. After teaching this system to you in our pre-agency launch training, we will continue to provide tools and information via live continuing education and online training through Localloop TV.

Millionaire’s Club

Top performing agencies each year become a member of the Millionaire’s Club, which is an opportunity for top agents to travel to exotic locations around the world and connect with company executives and the sales team for a week of fun, excitement and celebration.


The Localloop home office is available to provide any technical, product, service or legal support that our agents need. At the end of the day, your success is how we succeed!