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Follow the instructions below and we’ll see you soon

We’re glad you decided to learn more about applying to become a Localloop Certified Agent. The application process is detailed below:

Step 1 – Initial Contact

Prospective agents are invited to use the contact form found by clicking on this link and attend a hosted and private 2-hour reception to learn about the Localloop Certified Agency Opportunity.

Step 2 - Assessment

After attending the hosted reception, we ask prospective agents to complete an Agency Questionnaire. This questionnaire is used to help us assess the probability of success in running a Localloop independent agency. In addition, we review certain elements of the questionnaire to identify whether or not the prospective agent fits the Localloop culture and level of energy required.

Step 3 – Candidate Review

Information provided in the initial Agency Questionnaire will be reviewed by our Agent Recruiting Coordinator in detail. Approved candidates will then be invited back for a formal interview. Interviews are conducted by a panel that includes a current Localloop Agent, our Agent Recruiting Coordinator and our Local Agency Manager.

Step 4 – A Day in the Life

After completion of the formal interview process, prospective agent candidates are required to spend a “day in the life” of a current Localloop Certified Agent. We believe that it’s imperative for candidates to understand the daily activities and requirements necessary to be a successful independent agent. At this stage of the process, candidates are asked to prepare a formal Business Proposal for how they will build and operate a successful Localloop Agency.

Step 5 – Business Proposal Presentation

Localloop Agencies are real business opportunities. As such, we take the decision about bringing on prospective agent candidates very seriously. Once the candidate has completed their formal Business Proposal, it is reviewed by the initial interview panel. The interview panel reviews the proposal based on attention to details, astute business thinking and management ability.

Step 6 – Candidate Becomes a Localloop Agent

You have been selected to become a Localloop Certified Agent. At this point, the approved agent will have the opportunity to select from available agency territories and begin agency training immediately.

Step 7 – Agency Training

Once the prospective agent has selected a territory, they immediately begin agency training. This step is extremely important as the prospective agent will develop their core message and strategy for success.

Step 8 – You Become a Localloop Certified Agent

Congratulations! You are now a Localloop Certified Agent. You can immediately begin helping local small businesses in your community build brighter futures for themselves and the people they serve.

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Your opportunity to make your own hours, run your own office, enjoy the rewards of your efforts and make a difference in your community is here. Join forces with us today!