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What does the Localloop brand mean?

The Localloop brand is embodied in our logo; the two parallel lines represent consumers and small businesses walking together on a path of accountability, transparency and trust.

Localloop exists to provide solutions for restoring stability and sustainable growth for small business owners and their employees while building and maintaining impactful relationships between these businesses and the consumers who live in their local community.

Our brand was built from the ground up and we have invested a lot of money; hiring a world-class design company to create the Localloop brand mark. We did this because our logo is a graphical representation of how Localloop, and our agents, serve both consumers and business owners.

Helping small business owners succeed is the Localloop brand promise

Our Localloop Certified Agents are trained business coaches. Their role is to help high performing businesses and their owners learn how to become even better at serving their customers in support of the Localloop mission.

Because of this brand promise, LCAs always have access to our corporate staff for guidance and direction while working with their customers. They are available to help with brand and consulting strategies, brainstorming, graphic design, ad writing and much more. In addition, numerous ongoing support mechanisms are in place to ensure the continuing education and ongoing success of our agents in the field.

When you are selected to become an LCA, you can rest assured knowing that the Company has committed every resource to helping you become successful for the long run. As we develop new products and services and open new markets, you will continue to receive training and support for your Agency throughout the entire tenure of our business relationship. As an LCA, you can be sure that the Company will always be on the cutting edge of the trends in marketing, communication, business development and business know-how.

Think of us as “the coach of coaches.” As a company, Localloop is on a mission to restore health and vitality to the small business community. We cannot do this on a large scale without inspiring, training and teaching committed agents in the field; coaching business owners to become more successful.

Systematized business transformation

The secret to delivering on the Localloop brand promise is our proprietary 6-Step Business Transformation Process, which was first developed internally based on years of listening to consumers and business owners, and building a process by which business owners could better serve consumers on a parallel path of trust and accountability.

Once we completed our 6-Step Business Transformation Process, we knew that we could create fast, predictable and positive results for local business owners, but the ease of the process quickly made it clear that we could also train qualified and motivated individuals, and when applicable their organization, to leverage this amazing process and opportunity. That’s how the Localloop Certified Agent (LCA) came into the picture! The LCA serves as a business coach who happens to be supported by our proven 6-Step Business Transformation Process. Small businesses need to make half-time adjustments to compete and win in today’s marketplace.

Localloop’ brand is focused on helping small business owners grow in a profitable way while staying dedicated to continuous business improvement and community involvement. The Company is committed to helping their LCAs attract and serve these small business owners through cooperative marketing, advertising and branding efforts.