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Below are answers to questions you may have

Q: How much revenue do Localloop Certified Agent’s (LCA) produce?
A: As an LCA, there is no limit to revenue potential. Owning an Agency means you are in control of its destiny. Localloop agents are rewarded well for their work. At Localloop, we recognize that our agents are the face of our company and, as a result, income potential is unlimited.
Q: Do I have to quit my job while I’m in the Agent Recruiting Opportunity process?
A: No, you are not required to quit your job to go through the approval process.
Q: How many days of work should I take off to continue in your approval process?
A: Time off may vary as you move forward. Please work with your Agency Recruiting Coordinator for specific days and dates.
Q: Does Localloop pay for my training?
A: Yes, Localloop will pay for all the direct costs of your training. However, there is no compensation for the time it takes for the prospective agent to complete the training program.
Q: What are the specifics of Agency Training?
A: Agency Training includes 1 week of in-house Certification training, and an additional week or two of field development activity (hands-on experience with an existing Localloop agent). Agency Training focuses on:
  • Welcome to Localloop and our platforms
  • What is Marketing
  • History of the Internet
  • Localloop Certified Agency
  • The Localloop Solution
  • Independent 3rd Party Reviews
  • Localloop Certification
  • Strategic Marketing University
  • Master Academy for Small Business Owners
  • Mastermind Groups
  • Private Coaching
  • Localloop Consumer Website
  • How We Sell
  • Know Your Customers
  • Getting Started
Q: When can I open an agency?
A: After becoming an LCA, you can compete and be selected for a specific territory. You will be required to complete our Agent Candidate Program (application process) and Agency Training prior to opening the agency.
Q: Can I select my agency location?
A: Once you are a LCA, you can choose from available territories or compete for opportunities when they become available in the market area(s) of interest to you. In addition to traditional opportunities, like those created when a Localloop agent retires, there are also new market opportunities in areas where strong growth is projected. Another agency scenario offers a combination of traditional and new market opportunity features. There are also opportunities for Certified Agents to purchase the books of business from other LCAs.
Q: How do I determine the location of my office?
A: Once selected for an opportunity, you will work with Agency Leadership to determine the location of your office.
Q: What retirement plan is provided to agents?
A: The value of the agency is the retirement plan. It can be sold either back to the Company or to an approved 3rd party.
Q: Does Localloop provide training for agents and their teams?
A: Yes, Localloop has ongoing training available to agents. Team member training is also available at a cost.
Q: Should I incorporate my agency?
A: The legal structure of your agency should be discussed with your attorney.
Q: How do I file taxes?
A: As an independent contractor, you need to work with your own accountant or tax professional.