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Small business owners and local community is who we serve

The Localloop culture is all about people serving people. In an age of impersonal business transactions and fleeting consumer loyalties, Localloop is proud of our commitment to personal service, personal interaction and local community activism. In the world of business models, the Localloop Agency is very similar to the State Farm Insurance Agency in terms of establishing local presence, gaining respect in the local community and becoming entrenched in the marketplace.

The Localloop Agency impact to small business owners is life transforming

The work and mission of a Localloop agent is critically important to the growth of our economy. Supporting small business owners by teaching them how to compete and win in the rapidly changing economy, is what will enable owners to stay in business, grow in a profitable way while creating new jobs. Localloop Agents serves small business owners through delivery of a specifically sequenced series of products and services. The Localloop business transformation process provides the antidote against the forces of big government, big business and sweeping demographic and economic changes that are currently taking over America.

Localloop Certified Agents (LCAs) undergo a training program before they are able to represent our complete product and service line and begin helping local business owners thrive. Our agents put their professional experience to work for their clients, helping to make sure they receive exceptional results when working with Localloop. The combination of our system and your experience is how an agent makes a big impact in the lives of other small business owners.

The Localloop Agency will bring local support back to local community

If the idea of sponsoring a neighborhood Little League team excites you, then you are likely the type of person whose personal values are aligned with the Localloop culture. We embrace the idea of empowering Agents who know that re-investing dollars in local community is how neighborhoods strengthen and thrive. Enriching the lives of others is how Localloop intends to build an enduring legacy of impact. Would you like to become a part of this movement?

Certified Localloop Agents are proud to serve the neighborhoods in which they live. And as a company, Localloop is building a longstanding tradition of community outreach and support. From our revolutionary Cash-Back Ratings & Rewards system to scholarship programs for youth organizations to educational resources to supporting the arts, Localloop’s community involvement is truly as diverse as our customers, agents and communities.

Unlike big impersonal companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon, Localloop is taking an intentional position for restoring local commerce and becoming a good corporate citizen.