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Our System + Your Talent = Success

Localloop has developed a fully comprehensive business transformation process. In order to transform this system into real action on a large scale, we need inspired and effective leaders that can coach and guide business owners through this entire process. Our system enables the “right type of business coach” to own and build a valuable asset through purchase and develop of a Localloop Agency and becoming a Localloop Certified Agent. Does this sound like you?

Each Localloop Certified Agent (LCA) represents Localloop, the leader in restoring trust and honor to local commerce. Our agents are backed by a dedicated support staff committed to helping the agents meet their customer’s needs in a timely manner.

Along with the personal satisfaction that comes from helping local business owners succeed and the flexibility that comes from running your own business, LCAs, or the organizations they work for, are also compensated quite well financially for their efffort. At Localloop, we recognize that LCAs are critical to our success. They are the local point of connection between small business owners and the Company and, because of this important role, we offer a generous revenue sharing structure.

LCA’s are the face and lifeblood of our business, so each and every Localloop employee is committed to helping LCAs meet the growing needs of their customers. LCAs are considered the Company’s strongest competitive advantage and asset.

What is the 6-Step L.A.R.G.E. Process?

Localloop was founded on a belief that restoring trust and honor to local commerce is the best way to rebuild a healthy community. To accomplish this, we train and empower a network of Localloop Certified Agents to guide small business owners through a 6-Step L.A.R.G.E. Process designed to help them Change Their Business and Change their Future. This process helps small businesses owners increase their revenue and profit while also contributing to their local community, and it shows them how to do all this while actually having more fun.

STEP 1 – An effective way for business owners to listen to their customers

  • Business Certification is the branded Localloop solution for helping business owners Listen to their customers and is achieved by going through an Independent Third Party Verification Process. This means Localloop performs 20 or more random telephone surveys of a company’s customers, working off of their customer list. If the business achieves a 4.0 STAR or higher Quality Business Rating (QBR) as a result of these surveys, we will certify it to become part of the Localloop small business community. The Business Certification process enables owners to get honest feedback about how to improve performance in a way that matters to their customers.

STEP 2 – Helping business owners strategically communicate their value

  • Strategic Marketing University (SMU) is the branded Localloop solution for Attracting profitable new customers. It is available to companies that receive a 3.5 STAR or higher QBR rating after going through the Localloop Business Certification Process. SMU is a self-guided process of video tutorials, strategic questions, useful examples, helpful tips and training modules with the specific intention of teaching business owners and their employees how-to avoid drowning in the “sea of sameness.” To succeed in business, owners have to differentiate their company from competitors in a way that matters to customers. SMU provides a cost effective way to develop strategic communication content.

STEP 3 – Developing a business website that is customer-focused

  • After going through Strategic Marketing University, the next business transformation step is to help small business owners by offering a Localloop Approved designed and developed website. Strategic communication combined with an effective website enables a business owner to provide education driven content that attracts new customers. People use the Internet for research, to gather information and ultimately to make buying decisions. Providing small business owners a Localloop Approved Website makes it easy for visitors to learn about a company’s products and services with a clear call to action in the education/buying process.

STEP 4 – Creating an effective roadmap is critical to an owner’s success

  • The fourth step of the Localloop business transformation Process is to take owners through a six week Master Academy designed to help them create a customized business Roadmap, which teaches the three things that are essential to building a thriving company. Transforming customers into a recurring profit engine, hiring and developing a team of highly engaged and productive employees, while systematically building a company that doesn’t require active owner participation is what a highly valuable business roadmap looks like. Teaching this Master Academy is fun! By working to change the culture and focus of your business, positive transformation becomes almost inevitable.

STEP 5 – Navigating the market is easier with a trusted group of peers

  • As a Localloop Certified Agent, you lead Mastermind Groups, which is the Localloop solution for creating a Group Learning environment. These groups offer an opportunity for members to join other small business owners in a systematic and structured environment designed to help each member successfully grow their companies and execute on the roadmap you helped them develop in the Master Academy. Having a well-designed business roadmap is a great start. Mastermind Groups provide additional support for owners that are serious about continuing their business transformation journey in an accelerated manner with fewer mistakes.

STEP 6 – Having a trusted business advisor makes a big impact

  • As a Certified Agent, you are the secret weapon in the 6-Step L.A.R.G.E. process by being there every step of the way; coaching business owners to better Execute on their business plan. Localloop Certified Agents not only want to make a great income, they also want to make a big impact in their community. Owners often need a coach to guide them on their business journey; this benefit is compounded when backed by a proven Transformation System. All large company CEO’s have a business coach, so why shouldn’t small business owners do the same. Normally the answer is cost, but as a Localloop Agent, you make this access affordable.