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Raving fans

Localloop Certified Agents serve Localloop Certified Businesses, who are all top performing companies.

"What ever happened to the good old hand-shake business? Isn't it time to bring it back?"

Tony Ventrella, Digital Media Host

"I am happy to say that since that time that we started the certification process we are now one of the 50 fastest growing eastside companies. And in fact, just recently, we landed for the first time ever on the Inc. 5,000 list. And I would have to give a little bit of credit to Localloop."

Elliott Neff, Chess4Life

"I recommend Localloop to other businesses to get reviews, get certified because sometimes customers they tell stories to other people that they won’t tell you. They won’t tell you directly. And having that insight, having somebody else asking that question about their experience is a better way to get an honest answer to help you grow your business."

Evelyn Hou, Bellevue Embroidery

"We’re a service company, so overall customer experience is important to us and it really makes a difference the feedback we can get from our customers. And done through a third party it helps them be more forthright and forthcoming with information that they might not say straight to us or to our employees."

Ron Palmer, Palmer Construction and Remodel

"SMU is a very detailed process that will teach you how to attract the perfect customer for your business. Invest the time, invest the money, learn how to attract the perfect customers and watch your revenue and profits grow. You’ll be glad you did."

Earl Bell, Earlbell.com

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