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It is painful to not attract profitable customers

A Attract Opportunity

You have put your heart, soul, energy and financial resources into building your company. Yet, something is missing. The satisfaction and joy that comes from doing great work and being recognized as a business leader in your community is lacking. You may not understand how to define a niche that attracts more customers and revenue. And that is frustrating.

You often ask, “Why is it not easier to attract profitable customers that appreciate my product or service?” In order to make it easier, you must take the time to understand how underlying market shifts and changes in consumer behavior are negatively impacting your company’s opportunity to profitably grow. Only then can you effectively change through innovation in a way that attracts the customers you desire.

The challenge of change

Driving Strategic Growth and Innovation through Change

“There are only 2 things in business that make money. Marketing and innovation make money, everything else is a cost.”

- Peter Drucker

The classic definition of innovation is introducing something new to the market, but from a practical business standpoint the word “innovation” has come to mean something substantially greater. Innovation is about change that is significant and positive, creating a new dimension of performance and customer experience.

Any business in today's ultra-competitive marketplace that is looking for the pace of change to slow; whether it is the customer, the economy or technology, is likely to be extremely disappointed. In fact, small businesses should embrace change. Change is important because, without change and making strategic adjustments, your business will stagnate, likely lose its competitive edge and fail to meet the needs of your customers. So how does your business change? Lots of practice.

With ever increasing velocity the world of modern business evolves. New Technologies. New Markets. New Ideas. New Inventions. New Innovations. All of which come at us at what seems like the speed of light making it more important than ever to get better each day.

Most business owners disdain change

Changing anything in life is difficult and scary, particularly when you are not sure what to do or how to do it. Change is also difficult to make permanent because most people choose to revert back to their old patterns versus persevering with new ones. Changing your business and the way it operates is no different.

Why attracting profitable customers matters to you

Attracting profitable new customers is the lifeblood of any small business. Do this successfully and your company has created opportunity for growth. Failing to attract profitable new customers means your small business will stagnate, eventually decline and ultimately go out of business.

Strategic marketing requires a very specific skill-set that is not available to most small business owners. You could try to find a strategic marketing consultant to help you solve the puzzle of attracting profitable customers. Chances are they will want to charge you a lot of money and not provide nearly the value Localloop can; simply because no one else has invested the time to learn what consumers really want the way we have.

We invite you learn how Localloop can help by checking out the Strategic Marketing University and website development pages.