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Localloop inspires and coaches small business owners

Helping small business owners like you change your future is the Localloop mission. Building a profitable small business is heroic work, and we are excited to help you become a hero to your customers, your employees and your community. We offer a proven multi-step process we call L.A.R.G.E. that will guide you on a path to security and success. The letters stand for Listen, Attract, Roadmap, Group and Execute. Below is a summary of how we help you succeed with each step!

L Listen Solution

Business Certification is the Localloop solution for Listening to your customers. At Localloop, we believe that uncovering the truth about why customers buy from your company, what it does well, and what can be improved upon is the first step required to begin the process of innovating and transforming your business.

A Attract Solution

Strategic Marketing University is the first half of the Localloop solution for Attracting profitable new customers. Most companies that struggle to attract new customers are employing marketing tactics that simply do not work anymore. Developing a strategic approach to communicating with consumers from three different generations enables the small business owner to separate itself from the competition by understanding how to articulate their company’s unique value so that it does not have to compete solely on price.

Website Development is the second half of the Localloop solution for Attracting profitable new customers. In the old days, the Yellow Pages were what consumers used to use to advertise and attract new business. Today, the Yellow Pages are dead and the Internet has become the primary medium used by consumers to search and find local small businesses. That is why it is so important to develop a website that purposely and effectively educates the consumer about the value of your company in the way consumers now desire and expect.

R Roadmap Solution

Master Academy is the Localloop solution for developing your business Roadmap. Driving a long distance without GPS is a great metaphor for the journey of building a company without clear guidance and direction about how to successfully do so while avoiding pitfalls that stop most companies in their tracks. In the Master Academy, you will develop a personalized roadmap to cultivate profitable customers that repeatedly buy and refer, to develop a super-team of employees that can help realize the company vision, and to define a systematized process that will enable the owner to step away for extended periods of time and someday sell the business.

G Group Solution

Mastermind Group is the Localloop solution for Group Learning . The life of a small business owner can become a lonely place. Completing the first three steps of the L.A.R.G.E. process is a huge step towards changing your business and future; however, the hard work lies ahead in undertaking the journey of transforming your company. Engaging in the power of group learning in a systematized way will reduce risks and increase the likelihood of successfully navigating the Roadmap you developed in the Master Academy.

E Execute Solution

Agency Coaching is the Localloop solution for Execute. All large company CEO’s have a private business coach. You should too! Your Localloop Agent becomes your accountability partner and leadership coach. It’s so much easier to work through challenges and achieve break-through moments when you have a coach by your side giving you encouragement and valuable feedback.