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High standards ensure high customer satisfaction

L Listen Solution

Business Certification is the Localloop solution for Listening to your customers; and is achieved by going through the Localloop Independent Third Party Verification Process. This means we perform 20 or more random telephone surveys of your customers, working off of your customer list. If you achieve a 4.0 STAR or higher rating as a result of these surveys, we will certify your company to become part of the Localloop small business community.

If you are a 3.5 STAR rated business, we will commit to helping your company become better at what they do and work towards earning Certification. If you are a 3.0 STAR or lower rated company, Localloop business services and the Localloop consumer platform are not for you.

Localloop Certification provides consumers with the assurance and peace of mind that Certified local businesses will perform in an ethical and accountable fashion, thereby enabling them to make a simple, convenient, and hassle-free decision about which business to choose.

Localloop Certification requirements:

  • Obtain a minimum of 20 Verified Surveys to establish a Customer Satisfaction Rating (CSR).
  • Achieve and Maintain a 4 to 5 STAR CSR.
  • Adopt The Localloop Two-Way Dispute Resolution Services.
  • Adopt The Localloop Code of Ethics.
  • Complete a comprehensive Business Evaluation Audit.

Pursue analytics. Prioritize actions. Drive results.

After going through our survey process, you will receive a Localloop Business Analytics Report (LBAR) that will reveal your customers' wants and desires, and will provide objective feedback, actionable recommendations and precise evidence regarding strengths and weaknesses of your operations.

Here are some of the questions addressed in each LBAR:

Customer Research - What are wants, needs or concerns of my customers?

Feedback - How can I measure the degree to which my business is meeting wants, needs and concerns of my customers?

Customer/Business Analytics - How are my communication efforts and business operations functioning in the marketplace? How and why are customers finding and selecting my company rather than a competitor? How does my company compare to my competitors?

Anonymous Testimonials - What is the honest truth about how my customers feel about their experience of being served by my business?

For what is likely the first time your company’s history, you will decisively know what is and what isn't working well. Additionally, you will discover which changes are the most productive and profitable to make. How valuable would having this level of insight be to you?

Achieve clarity. Apply knowledge. Perform better.

Succeeding in today’s ultra-competitive business marketplace, where customers are in complete control and have the ability to switch providers with tremendous ease, requires a serious and focused commitment to understanding customer needs. Staying committed in this way allows you to continuously innovate and remain the best possible provider option.

Applying the information contained in a Localloop Business Analytics Report to all aspects of your business provides you with tremendous clarity, confidence and peace of mind. You'll be able to make future business decisions quickly and decisively in a way that minimizes risks and maximizes opportunities for success.