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A proven process to transform your business

Would you like to find a better way to design and build your company’s future? We will coach you through the process of strengthening your business and becoming a competitive force. If you want help solving your challenges and are willing to be coached, you can go to the Business Transformation page and learn about Localloop services.

We have created a simple, yet challenging 6-Step process that we believe with help small businesses like you thrive in today’s marketplace. We call it L.A.R.G.E, which is an acronym for: Listen, Attract (Attact includes two components), Roadmap, Group, Execute:

L  LISTEN - to the actual needs and desires of your customers and identify high impact areas of improvement and opportunity within your business. Click here and discover why uncovering the secrets about what your customers really think is the critical first step you must take! If you want Localloop’s assistance to truly listen to what your customers are saying about your business, go to the Localloop Business Certification page and learn about how this works.

A  ATTRACT - profitable customers by innovating new magnetic marketing strategies that crisply align your company's clearly defined identity with your customer’s actual needs and desires. Click here to learn more about the power of attraction! If you want Localloop’s assistance to develop a strategic approach to attracting profitable new customers, go learn more about Strategic Marketing University and web development.

R  ROADMAP - your journey for: (1) developing a company that profitably serves customers with increasing regularity, (2) building a super-team of actively engaged and effective employees who never want to leave your company while (3) creating a sustainable business which will not require your active involvement. Click here to learn more about the power of proactively designing your future. If you want Localloop’s assistance to develop a customized roadmap for your business future, go learn more about the Master Academy for small business owners.

G  GROUP - learning in a peer setting combines the power of topical business curriculum in an adult-learning environment with facilitated Mastermind sessions for mission critical problem solving. Click here to learn more about the power of Mastermind Groups. If you want Localloop’s assistance to leverage the power of group learning, go learn more about Mastermind Groups for small business owners.

E  EXECUTE - your road map in pursuit of your big vision, with the additional support of ongoing business coaching. Grow your capability as a business leader. Grow your business and profits. Grow your presence and impact within your local community. Have more fun! Click on the Execute tab to learn more about the power of agency coaching. If you want Localloop’s assistance, go learn more about agency coaching for small business owners.

Why this L.A.R.G.E. process matters to you

The value associated with being able to dramatically reduce the amount of time and risk it takes to build a company of lasting value and significance is immeasurable to most people. When you are winning big in the game of business, it’s like playing the board game Monopoly and drawing the “Proceed directly to GO and collect $200” card on nearly EVERY turn!

Having said that, the big difference between playing Monopoly and running your company is that the stakes are much higher and very real when you are playing and competing in the game of business! Business is the ultimate game and should be fun… How much fun are you having? Don’t fall prey to the old adage that, “Work is a chore and shouldn’t be fun.”

Life is short and not understanding the rules of the game for small business owners in today’s environment is extremely costly; in terms of your peace of mind, personal discretionary time, personal income and the potential impact your company can have on customers, employees and the local community. We encourage you to increase the odds to fast track your business success in pursuit of your personal finish line.