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Not listening can be very costly for your business

L Listen Opportunity

Are you ever shocked, surprised or saddened to find out after the fact that your company lost a great customer to a competitor? How can that happen without your prior knowledge? The truth of the matter is that being a business owner can be a lonely and isolating place. Employees are providing the customer experience while you are leading employees and managing the business.

This disconnect provides a listening vacuum that can lead to big surprises that you don’t want to have happen. Customers often won’t take time to complain to the owner. They’ll simply take their wallet elsewhere. Chances are you’ve done the same with a company you previously purchased from… How much does the lack of listening to your customers cost your company each year? Are you OK with this?

What is the challenge you face?

Small business owners typically do not listen to their customers and this is a very costly mistake if what they are trying to do is attract profitable new customers by using traditional advertising or marketing.

After 10 years of extensive research, it became glaringly apparent to us that consumers no longer trust, learn from or pay attention to traditional methods of advertising and marketing. Consumers see thousands of advertisements each day, all of which are filled with similar promises and platitudes attached to bright colors and flashing lights. With so many ads and so much noise coming at them all the time, consumers have chosen to simply tune it all out.

Today’s consumer uses the Internet to search for small businesses while learning on their own and are becoming more discriminating decision makers. Our research proves that consumers predominantly use the Internet with the desire to find authentic, verified information about the very best local businesses; businesses that consistently perform to the highest standard of ethical and accountable business practices. This is how consumers now define value, and this is the standard they use when choosing a company to do business with.

With consumers actively seeking out exceptional local businesses, these exceptional businesses must learn to communicate in a way that allows consumers to find them. So, if you understand the challenge that you face, do you wonder why listening to your customer matters to you?

Why listening to your customer matters to you

Imagine being able to hear with 100% clarity the things your company does better than your competitors, while also being able to identify specific opportunities to improve your business and better serve customers.

If you think about it, accessing such insight is like being given the keys to the kingdom and discovering the hidden treasure trove of knowledge specific to what it takes to become more valuable to your existing and future customers.

Do you think achieving this outcome provides a competitive advantage? How important would having such knowledge be to the success of your company? What is it worth to you?

We believe it is time for small business owners like you to get serious about listening to your customers. Of course, you can go it alone and simply ask your customers what’s on their mind. Two things to ask your self are:

  1. Am I asking the right questions and
  2. Am I getting the truth?

We believe that the best way to get meaningful insight is to have our team survey your customers and provide you with comprehensive analytics designed to uncover the nuggets of gold which will provide the basis to innovate and change the way your company operates. If you’d like to learn about how we can help you, we invite you to learn about the power of the Localloop Business Certification process.