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Build your roadmap to success

R Roadmap Solution

The Master Academy is the Localloop solution for creating a customized Roadmap for building a successful company. It offers a learning opportunity to become more in control of your business and your time while having more fun. For you, this means learning how to bring laser like-focus to increasing profitable activities while decreasing time spent on unprofitable energy drainers.

You will also learn how great companies attract and retain employees who are highly productive, engaged AND WANT to help you build the company that you imagine it can become.

Long hours and struggle can be replaced with shorter hours and more fun than you can imagine. Barely making ends meet can be replaced with a thriving company where each succeeding year becomes more successful and profitable.

Learning how to compete and win in the game of business begins by creating and delivering HERO EXPERIENCES to your clients and employees. The principles are simple to understand but rarely acted upon.

The sequence to building a successful roadmap is critical, yet few businesses get it right. By building a customized business roadmap for your company, you increase the odds of building a business with higher profits and higher employee engagement, along with lower stress and lower employee turnover.

Accomplishing this is easier than you think. By working to change the culture and focus of your business, positive transformation becomes almost inevitable.

The Master Academy for Small Business Owners is held on four consecutive Fridays, from 10:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Features and benefits

Over four weeks and 24 hours of experiential learning, there are 12 learning modules which meet four major objectives. The objectives come from identifying top challenges facing small business owners today that desire to build a sustainable and profitable business.

  1. Overcoming High Stress and Long Hours while Lacking Purpose and Direction
  2. Transforming Customers into a Recurring Profit Engine by Delivering Hero-Like Experiences
  3. Building a Super-Team of Engaged and Productive Employees
  4. Building a Sustainable Company That Doesn’t Require Active Owner Participation

Each workshop day covers three learning modules:

Day 1
  • Defining Success – Winning in the game of business begins with the end in mind. You can bring clarity and focus to what you are trying to achieve as a business owner and how this integrates with your personal life.
  • Creating A Recurring Profit Engine – Learning the secret to creating and delivering the hero experience to clients and employees will decrease the time it takes to increase profits and enable you to have more fun doing it.
  • Why Clients Buy From You and Why it Matters – Learning what your “secret sauce” is, or creating it if such a thing doesn’t exist, is one of the keys required to cultivate long term relationships and clients for life.
Day 2
  • Marketing and Selling the Hero Experience – Super heroes are easy to market and sell. In fact, creating super heroes is how companies grow almost effortlessly.
  • Building Intentional Company Culture that Delivers the Hero Experience – Companies like Zappos and Nordstrom have created a legendary company culture that customers love. Focus on the right things and you too can bring these ideals into your company.
  • The Secret to Creating a Highly Engaged Team of Employees – Who wouldn’t want to become a super-hero? Highly engaged employees are thirsting for this experience. Learn how to give it to them so they in turn are inspired to be a hero to others.
Day 3
  • Developing Awesome Leaders and Teams – Leaders inspire others to do that which previously was thought to be impossible. Employees want to be a part of these teams. Create great leaders!
  • Creating Organizational Alignment – Imagine everyone in the company being 100% aligned on the ideals of delivering totally awesome hero like experiences to clients and peers while simultaneously removing drama from the workplace. Getting from where you are to where you want to go becomes a lot easier in this environment.
  • Developing Business Goals, Strategy, Tactics, Execution and Accountability – Everyone loves a great game plan, especially if their role is clearly defined, provides meaningful opportunity to contribute and leads to recognition for delivered results.
Day 4
  • Investing in and Protecting Your Business Assets – Here’s a clue; these assets (clients, culture and employees) are not on your balance sheet, but they disappear at the end of each business day and return at the beginning of the following day.
  • Dealing With Business Risk – The game of baseball has a top and bottom half to each inning. Half of the game is spent playing offense and the other half playing defense. Both are important. Learn how to play great defense, categorize all risks into 5 buckets and develop an action plan for each risk.
  • Systematizing Your Business – How cool would it be if you could leave for a 6 month vacation and come home to find out that nothing but great things happened in your absence. Now that is a company which becomes an asset of great value. Clients will appreciate the predictability of awesomeness that occurs even when the owner isn’t around and employees step up to their responsibility as an important team member because they do not want to let down their teammates.

Why developing a business roadmap matters to you!

Developing a business building roadmap which defines the critical steps necessary to consistently and predictably grow your company with decreasing effort is extremely valuable.

Not investing the time or money to do this is akin to randomly driving the streets of any major metropolitan area without the benefit of GPS. Having a clear roadmap matters and will dramatically reduce the time it takes to build and create a winning team of employees that create and deliver hero experiences to customers.

Ask yourself three questions:

  1. What is the value of lost future profits because your valued customers finally became dissatisfied enough to take their business elsewhere?
  2. What is the value of lost future profits because a key employee who is critical to the success of your business decides to leave to work elsewhere?
  3. What is the personal cost to you and your family of not being able to fully check out of work and take an extended vacation? You know this cost is high because discretionary time is a true measure of wealth and not having it is negatively impacting your family and your life.