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Online tracking is creating huge consumer distrust

Back in the day, Publisher’s Clearing House (PCH) offered via mail a “free” chance for anyone to win millions of dollars, all in exchange for a name and address. Yet, rarely did anyone ever take PCH up on the offer. The reason is simple; people didn’t want to give up their private information because they knew they would be inundated with advertising and marketing materials.

This was the old school method of acquiring and selling personal information. In the Internet age, this unscrupulous practice has been dramatically elevated through the use of online Consumer Trafficking.

Consumer Trafficking is the gathering and selling of consumers’ personal and private information by businesses on the Internet. Today's Internet companies track and trade consumers’ personal digital data every second of everyday when they are connected in any way to the Internet, and all they provide in return for this invasion of privacy is a "free" online service or application. Personal and private information has been turned into a commodity and consumers are now the product being sold!

Consumer Trafficking poses a big challenge to small businesses because it significantly increases the level of distrust consumers have toward business communication of any kind. If consumers feel they can’t trust what they are being told by businesses, then they simply default to using price as their only differentiator in deciding where to spend their money.

If price is the only thing that matters, small businesses and local economies can never compete with larger competitors. Small businesses need to recognize this threat, take a stand against it and learn how to effectively communicate in a way that consumers can rely on and trust.

More and more consumers are figuring out how Consumer Trafficking works. They hate it and are looking for a safe alternative where they can find exceptional local small business without having to give up their personal information. Localloop is that alternative, and we created it to be a safe, easy and trustworthy way for consumers to find companies like yours.

If you would like to learn about the Stop Consumer Trafficking movement, click here.