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Localloop’s Opportunity Engine is a game-changer

We believe that people should be able to safely and confidently go online to search for honest and ethical businesses and relevant information. They should also be able to socialize and communicate with each other without fear of being watched, tracked and monetized.

Our Opportunity Engine is powered by the combination of Unified Search and the Localloop Certified Business Profile Page. This combination makes it simple and easy for consumers to find expertly vetted businesses along with information, answers, jobs and deals. The Localloop platform is designed to respect and honor personal privacy and social boundaries.

We call our search platform an Opportunity Engine because it provides consumers and exceptional small business owners an opportunity to collaborate without weighted algorithms and advertising dollars influencing the quality of the search. Search results contain only relevant information connected directly to local experts best suited to understand consumer needs. As a Localloop Certified Business, you are provided an opportunity to educate consumers by providing answers to their questions.

Unified Search is what lubricates the Opportunity Engine

Localloop’s Unified Search is a hybrid between a search engine and a web directory, combining the power and scalability of technology with the collaboration and personal intelligence of real people. The Internet needs to have a human touch. Focusing solely on scalability is a losing proposition, especially for local business. Unified search results provide consumers with access to vetted high-quality small businesses that are empowered through the Localloop platform to tell their unique story. What we do is unique!

All other Internet directories and review sites have business listings that are prioritized by paid placement; meaning the more you pay the higher you rank. This is not the case at Localloop. Localloop Certified Businesses cannot pay to influence their ratings or listings placement. Our Business Listings are prioritized by a Quality Business Rating (QBR) which calculates performance. Performance is measured by a combined of Customer Satisfaction Score, Value Rating Matrix and extent to which information is provided on the Localloop Business Profile Page to educate potential buyers. Localloop provides the opportunity while business owners are given the option to capitalize on this opportunity.

Localloop Business Profile Page Listings power the Opportunity Engine

In today’s marketplace it is more important than ever for businesses to attract and educate consumers as to their company’s “unique” business philosophy, thoroughly explain products and services, clearly articulate the company value proposition and much more. Localloop Business Profile Pages make it easy for Certified Businesses to provide consumers with such information while also providing comprehensive insight into their business and operation.

Localloop Business Profile Page Listings are designed to provide information that consumers demand

The Localloop Business Profile Page Listing enables qualified businesses to showcase their company in a directory that provides everything consumers have told us they want to learn. A completed profile page takes into account 31 Points of Accountability (in other words information) we’ve learned matter to consumers. Just like E-Harmony and their 27 Points of Compatibility, Localloop provides Certified Businesses the opportunity to share information that will help consumers make an educated buying decision. If small business provides all information a consumer wants to make an educated buying decision, doesn’t that sound like a very powerful Opportunity Engine for the business owner!

Two examples of offering such information include the ability to upload articles or answer Frequently Asked Questions that a consumer may have about the very problem your company solves. Imagine being a consumer that asks conduct an Internet search for certain information. Now imagine getting this information and then trying to find a local company that can solve this specific problem. Lastly, try finding a reputable and trustworthy company, knowing full well that companies like Yelp enable anyone to post any type of review at any time, whether it is truthful or not. The trust factor is not very high on other platforms. Because Localloop rates businesses based on verified reviews, trust is high on the Localloop platform.

Localloop provides business owners the ability to upload relevant articles and answer FAQ’s that consumers want to know about. The opportunity to attract new business arises when consumers find this information directly linked to your Localloop Certified Business Profile Page. When consumers and reputable small businesses get matched, everyone wins! This is the pure definition of opportunity in action!