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Effective communication is a magnet to consumers

A Attract Solution

Strategic Marketing University is the first half of the Localloop solution for Attracting profitable new customers.

Would you like to learn how to increase your company’s marketing magnet to attract new customers with greater ease? Doing so is much easier than you think. All you have to do is invest the time to learn how to more effectively communicate and market your products or services to today’s tech savvy and empowered consumers!

For companies that receive a 3.5 STAR or higher rating after going through the Localloop Business Certification Process, we offer strategic marketing services that will help you become a better business owner!

In order to facilitate improvement and innovation for your business, we have combined the power of Listening to Your Customers through Localloop Certified Analytics Report (LCAR) with the power of Attracting New Customers through Strategic Marketing University (SMU.)

We lead your business to better innovation results

SMU is a self-guided process of video tutorials, strategic questions, useful examples, helpful tips and training modules that lead you through an extensive self-examination of your business. This process will help you identify your:

  • Compelling Value Proposition
  • Elements of Differentiation
  • Uniqueness of Offering
  • Core Messaging Strategy
  • Customer Service Effectiveness
  • Core Customers
  • Core Markets
  • And much, much more…

Once identified, you can combine these data points into an ecosystem of creative and valued expressions for customers to understand how your business is different and unique from others. SMU then leads you through the development of an integrated strategy to attract customers that will value and appreciate your unique offering.

You need a strategy

Localloop's Strategic Marketing University enables you to develop a marketing strategy to attract profitable customers! Here are some of the things SMU will do for you:

  • Establish the core messaging for your business
  • Improve business performance with online workshops for Customer Service, Relationship Marketing, Internet Communication and Brand Identity.
  • Provide an in-depth analysis of your brand and image, including how they interact with your target market.
  • Provide an examination of hot tactics, such as interactive websites, blogs, social networking, and video advertising
  • Teach you how to successfully use company blogs
  • Teach you the benefits and pitfalls of lead generation and permission-based marketing in today's marketplace

It's structured but it's not scheduled

You get the benefit of an organized curriculum designed by marketing experts that guides you through your topic of choice, but you set the schedule. Having a busy week? Reduce your study time as needed. Got extra time? Power through the lesson modules and speed up your training cycle.

Get practical guidance and learn what's working for successful businesses

As a business, you are never finished with advertising, marketing, and lead generation. There are always new ideas, new technologies, and new consumer demands! Fall behind and you risk being overtaken by your competition. Therefore, it is essential that you keep learning.

Assessment courses:

  • Business overview
  • Communication analysis
  • Brand and image analysis
  • Website analysis
  • Financial management profile

Strategy courses:

  • Customer service workshop
  • Internet communication workshop
  • Brand and image workshop
  • Relationship marketing workshop
  • Code of ethics