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Design, development and hosting

“Over 83% of potential customers will visit your website before deciding to do business with you, and their opinion of your company will be formed in just a few seconds.”
Neilsen Online, 2009

A Attract Solution

Website Development is the second half of the Localloop solution for Attracting profitable new customers. After learning how to effectively communicate and attract new customers through Strategic Marketing University, the next step is to design a website that becomes your primary communication beacon to attract customers via the Internet.

There are three steps to launching a new and improved business website: Design, Development and Hosting. Design is all about creating an effective platform that educates and inspires potential customers to learn more about your products and services; converting interested visitors into eventual customers. Development is all about creating the website itself, incorporating design, graphics and content. Hosting is how your website becomes available to consumers through the Internet.


Well-designed websites capture new customers

Consumers use the Internet for research, to gather information and ultimately to make buying decisions. Effective website design makes it easy for visitors to learn about your business and its products and services. It also includes a call to action that invites a visitor to build a relationship with your business as they learn. The online world is littered with websites that fail to accomplish these two basic goals.

All of our website designs are built to educate, inspire and capture new customers. Our goal is to have the personality and unique nature of your company come to life through design. In addition to an original look and feel, minimal click navigation is utilized to enable visitors to move effortlessly from page to page while learning about your company and what it has to offer.

Website design is our passion

  • Designed to impress: Your website will present a powerful impression that inspires trust and confidence in your company.
  • Coded to load quickly: Visitors will stay longer and view more pages if they load quickly. As a result, new visitors are more likely to engage with your company.
  • Easy to navigate: Visitors will easily find what they’re looking for and move through your education based sales process more quickly.


Below is the 10-step process we use to build your online marketing presence that will delight your customers:

  1. Initial Consultation – goal setting and developing recommendations.
  2. Website Navigation – designing menu and sub-menu layout.
  3. Content Provisioning – leveraging insight gained from SMU.
  4. Graphics Selection – photo and graphic image selection.
  5. Design Development – identifying options for website “look and feel.”
  6. Design Skeleton & Finalization – approval of website design.
  7. Website Development – incorporating design, graphics and content.
  8. Pre-Launch Evaluation – review and editing of website.
  9. Online Focus Group – inviting friends to identify final changes.
  10. Website Launch – Going live is the final step!


Have the company that developed your website host it too!

Localloop Hosting maintains a high level of customer service. You will receive seamless support because your website is hosted by the company that created and understands it best.

Localloop Hosting plans offer a distinct set of services designed to reduce costs while improving efficiency:

  • Proactive monitoring
  • Rapid response to minimize downtime
  • State-of-the-art security to deter hackers and spammers
  • Backup and redundancy to protect your data