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August 17th 2011
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Westhill is a team of home improvement specialists; helping people love the home they’re in.  

Our family of professionals strive to be a model of excellence in design, remodeling and custom home building; committed to providing the best customer care and the best value as defined by our customers; while also striving to be strong community members.

Since 1974, our design/build company has done hundreds of projects ranging in style, size and budget.  Our goal is to create a customer for life.  We do that by providing a high-caliber of workmanship, great communication and attention to detail so our clients feel confident bringing us back for future projects and referring us to their friends, family and associations.
Customer service is not something we do, it's who we are. 

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Verified Online Review
We are a VENDOR of Westhill, and in my oppinion, the relationship a company has with its vendors and sub-contractors speaks volumes about the service they provide to their customers! The office staff at Westhill is very organized. The left hand knows what the right hand is doing therefore avoiding a lot of confusion and wasted time. Westhill has worked hard for their reputation and that shows in the standards they have set for their printed materials. They present themselves in a very professional manner, but are not pretentious. They are down to earth folks. I have worked with Sue and her staff on a number of projects, and even though some of the deadlines have been tight, her expectations have always been realistic. She knows what she wants and is willing to work with us to get her desired results. Yes...I would recommend Westhill. Knowing how this company works from the inside out, I would feel very confident to use them. Cindy Courtmanch President Marymoor Press, Inc.

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nothing stands out.

Verified Phone Review
they have always been very good about coming back and making it right if something went wrong. They keep employees that just do quality control. Has recommended to family and friends

Verified Phone Review
recommend them to anyone, work with you! working with the same subs for a long time. says a lot for your company, have recommended friends and family

Verified Phone Review
above excellent on communication. more expensive but worth it, they will send it out directly to the sub to make it easier/less expensive. Have recommended.

Verified Phone Review
knew that someone was behind the job, if something happened to the person working, Westhill could complete the work.

Verified Phone Review
expense was way more than they were comfortable. Recommend on quality, but would advise them to get a really firm idea on cost

Verified Phone Review
Westhill is the only company with which they are 98% satisfied. The employees are mind-bogglingly excellent, reliable, good workmanship. They have already recommended them to others.

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