Bothell Chiropractic & Wellness

Phone: (425) 485-1413
10024 Main Street #2C Bothell, WA 98011
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October 17th 2013
21 Verified Reviews
About Us
Our mission and purpose at Bothell Chiropractic & Wellness is to help you activate your body's natural ability to heal itself so that you are able to carry out your life's mission and purpose. To this end, we will empower you with the knowledge and inspiration needed to choose impeccable health options for yourself and your family. We promise you the most effective, trustworthy and attentive chiropractic and wellness care that our leading edge practice affords, never ceasing to improve our services.

Verified website or mail-in review
This is a chiropractic and wellness center that truly cares about and is committed to my well being. I appreciate their efforts to educate me and encourage me to take responsibility for my health and wellness. They do it with great care and factual information. The aggregate knowledge of the doctors and staff regarding the body and its systems is assuring to a recovering skeptic like me. I believe I can trust their guidance and implement their suggestions, and have seen proven results. I also appreciate how they work so hard to keep costs from escalating, and how they are tireless in learning how to improve the efficiency of their operations and increasing their service levels to their patience.

Bothell Chiropractic & Wellness customer
They made it enjoyable and fun.

Bothell Chiropractic & Wellness customer
I used them for both chiropractic and massage. They look at your whole body, whole self, not just one piece of you. It's a much more individualized service and much more about the client and meeting their needs individually rather than being just a number.

Bothell Chiropractic & Wellness customer
I appreciate their professionalism and promptness and they had great communication with a nice doctor. I was thrown off by the mandatory meetings they wanted me to attend though since I was only there for any medical reasons...

Bothell Chiropractic & Wellness customer
Their entire staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, always making me feel very comfortable there.

Bothell Chiropractic & Wellness customer
Overall, a very good experience.

Bothell Chiropractic & Wellness customer
A great practice that they have there and they do a great job!

Bothell Chiropractic & Wellness customer
My overall satisfaction is good!

Bothell Chiropractic & Wellness customer
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Bothell Chiropractic & Wellness customer
The only reason it wasn't complete 5's across the board would be the front desk people which has gone down in quality and professionalism and it is expensive. Their massage therapists are extremely talented and it's expensive to get the amount of care I'd like to get...because of price.
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Monday - Friday 8:00AM-12:30PM, 2:30PM-6:30PM
Saturdays 8:00AM-10:00AM
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$55 for non-insurance chiropractic adjustment
$70 for non-insurance 1-hour massage
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