The Inuit Eskimos construct Inukshuk, navigational aides built with stones that mean "You are on the right path." We chose an Inukshuk to symbolize Localloop where consumers and small businesses support and respect each other on a parallel path of transparency and trust.
Clear water represents the Localloop platform, a place that honors your personal privacy and is advertising-free. The Localloop search engine connects consumers with high-performing local businesses while our social platform allows people to share with friends without creepy online tracking found on other sites.
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A better Internet experience

We built this site to allow people to search, socialize and transact business in a respectful and honorable way, without requiring users to sacrifice the loss of online privacy or having their personal information monetized and sold for profit. Our mission is embodied in our logo; the two parallel lines representing consumers and small businesses walking together on a path of accountability, transparency and trust.

Our search engine and social network serve only to facilitate trustworthy communication and commerce. We do not collect and sell your private information. We do not track your behavior on the site and you will not find advertising. We hope that you enjoy Localloop online. We invite you to participate in our efforts to expand and improve upon this new and better Internet experience. Start a group, invite your friends, share information and grow your community.

Everything you need from one site

We believe that people should be able to safely and confidently go online to engage in honest and ethical commerce, and they should also be able to socialize online without fear of being watched and tracked.

Local businesses you can trust

Every certified business has a 4 STAR or higher Quality Business Rating generated from a minimum of 20 independently verified reviews. Localloop separates the best from the rest to save consumers time, money and uncertainty.

We can help your business succeed

Sweeping demographic and technological changes are creating big challenges for small businesses. Localloop offers a proven multi-step system for small businesses owners to overcome these challenges and succeed.