Localloop How It Works

A Respectful Search Engine and Social Network

We believe that people should be able to safely and confidently go online to search for honest and ethical businesses and relevant information. They should also be able to socialize and communicate with each other without fear of being watched, tracked and monetized.

To that end, our Opportunity Engine and Certified Business profile pages make it simple and easy to find expertly vetted businesses along with information, answers, jobs and deals, and our social network is designed to respect and honor your personal privacy and social boundaries.

Localloop Search

Everything you need from one site

You’re going to love our Opportunity Engine

We call our search platform an Opportunity Engine because it provides consumers and exceptional small business owners an opportunity to collaborate without weighted algorithms and advertising dollars influencing the quality of the search. Search results contain only relevant information connected directly to local experts best suited to understand your needs.

  • It also gives consumers the ability to perform searches without having to sacrifice their privacy, because we do not traffic in consumer data. We do not gather any personal information and we do not track the behavior of our users. There is no subscription fee. There is no catch. It’s just free.

    The end result is an Internet search experience that is locally focused, user friendly, informative, relevant, respectful and safe. It’s everything consumers want and deserve.

    IMPORTANT NOTE - Our Opportunity Engine is new and does not yet contain much content. The process for filling it up will take some time because we are doing it in an honorable and respectful way, through participation, contribution, partnership and collaboration. Unlike other search engines, our Opportunity Engine does not use web-crawlers or bots to scrape and steal valuable and copyrighted content. So please be patient as we grow. With the help and contribution of people like you, our Opportunity Engine will soon be filled with everything you're looking for and need.

Localloop Social

Human interaction without being tracked or stalked

Our social network is a consumer friendly and privacy guaranteed. We do not track your online behavior; we don’t gather or sell your personal information. We don’t bother you with ads or promotions and we will always respect and honor your social boundaries. In short, we are the Web 3.0 alternative to the big social networks and think you will like it.

You are simply free to socialize on our site without fear that your privacy or identity is being compromised. Your personal information will always belong to you and not us. With this in mind, we have created a Nuke Button that will allow you to disappear from our site with two clicks of a button at any time.

The end result is a social network that is consumer friendly, respectful, advertising free, safe and secure. It’s everything users want and deserve.

Localloop Certification

Separating needles from haystacks is fun

When searching for a product or service, we believe it should be easy for consumers to find honest, trustworthy and high performing local businesses to deliver on their need. We make it easy by vetting top performing companies through the Localloop Business Certification process. Localloop has conducted a minimum of 20 independently verified reviews for all of the companies listed in our business directory, and each of these businesses received a 4 STAR or higher Quality Business Rating.

In addition, these small businesses agree to abide by Localloop’s 31 Points of Accountability. These detailed accountability requirements ensure high customer satisfaction, which means consumers no longer have to guess whether a company is actually good at what they do, and they no longer have to wonder if a business is committed to maintaining customer service excellence.

  • Localloop Certified Businesses are exceptional
    Having been independently reviewed and verified as such, each Localloop Certified Business is dedicated to high standards of customer service while also committed to open, honest and transparent communication. As a result, consumers can confidently select any Localloop Certified Business.

    Most people are content with this level of assurance, but some want additional information prior to choosing a company to do business with. Towards this end, Localloop assigns a Quality Business Rating (QBR) for each company that is calculated based on Localloop’s 31 Points of Accountability.

    A company’s QBR is directly impacted by their level of participation on the Localloop platform. Outstanding businesses can increase their QBR by doing the following:

    • Completing their Certified Business Listing profile so that consumers are able to read additional information about the business, its products and/or services;
    • Completing continuing education in the areas of customer service and communication;
    • Populating the Localloop knowledge library with articles about their industry;
    • Adding deals, job listings, Association memberships or a blog on their profile page; and
    • Fully participating in the Localloop community by sharing photos, videos and adding friends.

    These examples are just of few of the 31 Points of Accountability. A summary table of each point is provided to the right. We encourage businesses in the Loop to increase their QBR by fully leveraging the Localloop platform so that consumers can learn about their company in a fully educated way.

    31 Points of Accountability
    1. Customer Satisfaction Score
    2. Value Indicator Score
    3. Ongoing Verified Reviews
    4. Experiences Worth Sharing
    5. Consistent Repeat Customers
    6. Consistent Customer Referrals
    7. Professional Company Image
    8. Articulates Value Proposition
    9. Proven Customer Appreciation
    10. Established Market Leadership
    11. Ongoing Employee Education
    12. Continuous Business Development
    13. Provides Industry Expertise
    14. Improved Search-Engine Placement
    15. Answers Customer Questions
    16. Collaborates with Industry Experts
    17. Personalized Company Introduction
    18. Endorsements from Associates
    19. Proven Community Supporter
    20. Education and Activism
    21. Representations of Work
    22. Practices Price Management
    23. Provides Employee Introductions
    24. Embraces Internet Technology
    25. Continuing Education Provider
    26. Articulates Competitive Advantage
    27. Peer Endorsed Expertise
    28. Recognized Industry Experts
    29. Actively Resolves Disputes
    30. Business Registration Current
    31. Provides Liability Insurance

Localloop Benefits

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy by being “in the Loop”
  • Localloop Verified Rating and Reviews

    Localloop allows you to find and share opinions on local businesses in your community. This powerful feedback mechanism was designed to provide consumers with the following:

    Unbiased Advice - Localloop offers an objective platform for consumers to share their experiences - both good and bad.

    Personalized Referrals - Our review process provides you with objective information from people like you.

    Valuable Incentives - Rate your experiences with local product and service providers and earn a $5 Community Contribution Credit.

Trust and depend on our VERIFIED RATINGS AND REVIEWS

  • Finally, a community investment rewards program that makes sense

    Localloop Certified Businesses believe in giving back to their communities. We have created a great way to do that. Every time a consumer reviews a Localloop Certified Business, they receive $5 credit to donate to a charity or local school.

    How it Works:

    • Make any purchase at a Localloop Certified Business
    • Rate your experience and receive $5 contribution credit
    • Accumulate credits and donate to charity or school
    • Keep track of your account and total community credit contributions
    • No records are kept on shopping or buying habits

    Localloop $5 Community Rewards program allows you to provide feedback to local businesses and support local charities at the same time. How cool is that?

Rate your user experiences and earn a $5 community contribution credit

  • Every Certified Business agrees to mandatory dispute resolution

    The Localloop Free Dispute Resolution process was created as a means for consumers and businesses to address complaints quickly, equitably and at no charge. We take a neutral approach and rely on professional third-party Dispute Managers to resolve disputes between Certified Business Members and Localloop Registered Consumers. If the Dispute Manager finds for the business or Localloop Registered Consumer, we accept the decision as being fair and final. We believe that Mandatory Dispute Resolution is fair and equitable, protecting the rights and responsibilities of both parties in the dispute.

    To initiate the Free Dispute Resolution process:

    1. Localloop Registered Consumers must file a complaint.
    2. Localloop will acknowledge your request within three business days of receipt.
    3. A Localloop customer service manager will contact the business and ask for their explanation of the issue.
    4. Localloop customer service manager will assign a Dispute Manager to review the case and make a recommendation to resolve the issue.
    5. If the Dispute Manager cannot resolve the case, a Localloop Registered Consumer can choose alternative action outside the Loop.
    6. The transaction in dispute must be between a registered Localloop Certified Business member and Localloop Registered Consumer who has registered with Localloop prior to the date of the disputed transaction.
    7. The provided service must have occurred within 90 days prior to registering the dispute resolution claim.

Free Mandatory Dispute Resolution

Additional Benefits:

  • $10K Money-Back Hassle and Inconvenience Guarantee
  • Explore our privacy guaranteed and advertising free search and social networking
  • Connect with businesses that passed our rigorous Business Certification process
  • Find expert advice and information submitted by 4 STAR or better local businesses
  • Review complete Profile Page listings for each Certified Business
  • Find Jobs listed by Top Rated Local Businesses
  • Enjoy exclusive “On-Demand” Discounts, Deals and Local Specials
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